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Security has become a current-day necessity.  Rises in political and cultural strife have made for uncertain times.  Protect your facilities, assets, your employees, and guests with our security services.  With Avail Security Group, you get a business partner and trusted adviser to create peace of mind as a part of your overall Security Plan.  Our Security Assessments will provide a comprehensive recommendation that will address the needs of your business - both known and unknown.  Our services include armed and unarmed security officers, as well as off-duty police officers and Canines for narcotic detection, to deliver on our commitments to help protect your people and assets.  Contact us for more information about our work. 

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Our Leadership Team consists of professionals with Military, Law Enforcement, and Executive-Level Private Security backgrounds. From securing federally regulated facilities to a business complex, our Leadership Team has been engaged in combating threats at all levels of severity and brings that experience to bear in supporting your Security Plan. Our officers are licensed, certified, and trained in both basic security protocols required to address threats specific to your business, as well as advanced security techniques to address emerging threats that could impact your business. We combine our knowledge, skills, and experiences to design a security profile that integrates into your overall Security Plan - ensuring the safety and security of your facilities, employees, and guests.

  • Unarmed Security Officers
  • Armed Security Officers
  • Off Duty Law  Enforcement 
  • Canine Detection Services

*All services listed are an effective deterrent against criminal or terrorist activity and can discourage any threat looking to enter the property.

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