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Meet the founders and leaders of our company.

Jamie Manning

Jamie Manning is the Co-Founder and CEO of Avail Security Group; she brings 20 years of Health Care, Security, and Entrepreneurial experience with her. Jamie is directly responsible for oversight and management of the company with a specific focus on Human Capital and financials.

Jamie began her professional career in the health care industry, working as a staff therapist, where she counseled troubled teens incarcerated in a treatment facility. After moving to Texas, Jamie continued advancing her career by becoming the Director of one of the largest privately-funded foster care placement agencies in the state. Here she was directly responsible for the management framework for counseling and placement of children into foster homes. Recognizing an opportunity and with confidence in her ability, Jamie opened her own private practice as a Professional Counselor. Here she specialized in children and families where she provided counseling services for the next 12 years.

In 2014 Jamie helped with the startup of KMJ international Security Services that delivered off duty law enforcement, safety, and security services. Here she was directly responsible for all operational and financial duties of the company.

In 2017 KMJ was strategically acquired by the Athos Group; recognizing her talents as well as her reputation for excellence from the clients, Jamie was asked to stay on. She was overseeing the accounts receivable department, where she remained until her move to Florida in 2019.

Approached with a new opportunity and backed by her dedication to delivering unparalleled customer service, Jamie began her next chapter by helping to lead Avail Security Group to the forefront of the private security industry.   

Jamie Manning

John McCracken

John McCracken is the Co-Founder and COO of Avail Security Group; he brings over 25 years of experience in the Security and Law Enforcement arena. John is a decorated US Army Veteran and an accomplished Executive Senior Leader within the private security sector. With a proven record of leadership that promotes an atmosphere where employees feel valued, John brings Avail Security Group a strategic approach to developing and growing a security program, where he is directly responsible for operational deliverables on customer projects.

John brings a unique perspective to the security arena starting as a security officer working his way up in almost every role, up to and including having direct oversight for a five-state region encompassing P&L responsibility for over $140 million annually.  This perspective allows John to see things both at the ground level as well as from a Senior Level Executive mindset. His dedication to country and community has been evident throughout his career. While serving in the US Army Reserves as a Military Police Officer being activated twice, once directly after 9/11 to help protect and secure our cities and then being deployed overseas for Operation Iraqi Freedom. While honorably serving, due to his outstanding performance, John was awarded several accommodations as well as letters of commendation.

John continues to serve his community through many volunteer organizations and by supporting his local and state law enforcement agencies. In August of 2017, after safely removing his family from his flooded neighborhood during Hurricane Harvey, John returned by boat and began helping evacuate stranded neighbors and citizens of Houston, TX. He was credited for rescuing 76 people, including 49 children, 11 dogs, and 2 cats. His heroic efforts were recognized by the press, and his only statement was, “I’m not a hero I’m an American.”

Recognizing an opportunity and his beliefs and dedication to his employees, along with the desire to deliver unparalleled customer service, John begins his next chapter helping to lead Avail Security Group to the forefront of the private security industry. 

John McCracken