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Founder and CEO

Jamie Manning is the Founder and CEO of Avail Security Group; she brings 20 years of Health Care, Security, and Entrepreneurial experience with her. Jamie is directly responsible for oversight and management of the company with a specific focus on Human Capital and financials.

Jamie began her professional career in the health care industry, working as a staff therapist, where she counseled troubled teens incarcerated in a treatment facility. She continued to advance in her career by becoming the Director of one of the largest privately-funded foster care placement agencies in Texas. Jamie went on to open her own private practice, and for the next 12 years, she served as a Professional Counselor for children and families.

In 2014 Jamie helped with the startup of KMJ International Security Services that delivered off duty law enforcement, safety, and security services. Here she was directly responsible for all operational and financial duties of the company.

In 2017 KMJ was strategically acquired by the Athos Group; recognizing her talents as well as her reputation for excellence from the clients, Jamie was asked to stay on. She was overseeing the accounts receivable department, where she remained until her move to Florida in 2019. 

Approached with a new opportunity and backed by her dedication to delivering unparalleled customer service, Jamie began her next chapter by helping to lead Avail Security Group to the forefront of the private security industry. 


Jamie’s expertise includes workforce management, maintaining policy & procedures, business development, change management, corporate safety, crisis management, emergency management, emergency planning, guard force training, interpersonal communications, industrial-organizational management, performing financial analysis, formulating financial strategy, tax strategy and risk management strategy, leading interface with banks, lenders and financial institutions and shareholder strategy.

Jamie has coordinated security programs for various sectors including, retail, class-A high-rise, commercial real estate, corporate security, ports and marinas, electric utilities, water utilities, warehouses, industrial plants, petroleum plants, nuclear energy, college campuses, educational facilities, event centers, museums, luxury brand/jewelry, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, city municipalities, residential and homeowners associations, car dealerships and restaurants.


Jamie holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling and Applied Psychology from Troy University and a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling and Psychology from The University of West Florida.

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