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Crime Deterring Facility Patrol

ASG will assist when you prefer the security services of off-duty law enforcement officers. These officers have a higher level of training and can perform expanded security services. Our off-duty law enforcement officers can engage trespassers and handle traffic control, execute turnarounds and shutdowns, and provide total facility patrol.

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Expanded Authority

Although they are off-duty, our officers retain the authority to engage, detect, and detain individuals. Additionally, they have the power to arrest individuals and turn them over to local law enforcement.

Liability Prevention

Our security company goes a step further than others by providing liability protection. We take on the responsibility of indemnification and put you at ease, knowing you are protected.

Protective Canine Security Services

Dogs are called man's best friend, and they're also effective tools in security. ASG offers canine security services to protect people, places, and events. All handlers have prior law enforcement or military experience and certification in their respective field.

Sniff It Out

Our canines are especially effective for safety, screening, as well as narcotics and explosive detection when there is reason to believe they may be on-site. Since our canines work quickly and efficiently, they reduce the amount of time a search takes. Additionally, our trained canines perform tactical building searches as well as wooded area searches and execute perimeter security checks to identify possible breaches. The canines we provide conduct detailed inspections of:

  • Buildings

  • Passenger and Commercial Vehicles

  • Luggage

  • Lockers

  • Cargo Storage Areas

  • Shopping Centers

  • Ports and Refineries

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amazing healthy and happy adult belgian shepherd malinois in the photo studio on the black

On The Prowl

Our security canines can provide turnaround services for buildings under construction, in addition to those already completed. We search for any possible security threats that may have been left by previous contractors and subcontractors. This service is also effective when contractual employees have been on-site during a shutdown. 


Overall, canines are effective visual deterrents, and when it comes to public safety and securing certain environments, the significant contribution of professionally trained canine teams no longer needs to be proven.

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